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New Patients Have Three Questions.. 1- What location is closest to me? 2- Do you take my insurance? 3- How soon can you see me? 

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Patients on Demand from Enfusen Leverages the Power of Big Data to Outmarket Your Competition

Patients on Demand  

Our flagship service Patients on Demand will help your hospital, primary care facility, urgent care facility, specialty practice, or private practice generate new patients every month. Since 2015 we’ve generated over 10,000 new patients for our clients. 

Healthcare Marketing  

No one has run more healthcare marketing campaigns that Enfusen. We’ve collected data on over 500,000 healthcare marketing campaigns and have built out our data capabilities to leverage this data to help you generate new patients easily. 

Marketing for Hospitals  

Marketing for hospitals doesn’t need to be complicated. With our mulit-tier campaign we can help you generate brand recognition, service line placement, location placements, and new patient acquisition funnels quickly and effortlessly. 

Marketing for Doctors  

Running a physician marketing campaign doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve ranked over 5000 individual doctor profiles on google. We have the exact strategy needed to run a nearly 98% success rate. Have a profile you want to rank? Let’s chat.. 

Healthcare Marketing Strategy  

Looking for an overall revamp to your healthcare marketing strategy? We’ve run 100’s of successful campaigns and can help you to do the same. Let us demo exactly how we leverage AI to build custom campaigns that work. Request a demo below and we’ll show you a custom made campaign design based on your data.

Healthcare Search Engine Optimization  

The beat way to develop dependable and predictable net new leads is through healthcare SEO. From optimizing your site to getting your pages to rank (and convert) no one has more experience than Enfusen. Request a demo to see what Patients on Demand from Enfusen can do for your practice. 

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