Results Driven Local Marketing


Pages Tracked


Conversions Generated


Revenue Generated

Enfusen Helps Your Local Business


Track true ROI across all your marketing efforts giving you transparency and dependable, predictable results.


Compare multi channel campaigns to see exactly where you should be spending your time and money


Recommendation engine that analyze your campaigns that give you actionable recommendations to improve campaign performance.


All the tools you need to manage remote teams and multi channel campaigns


A suite of tools designed to help you attract and close new customers

How Enfusen Works

Automate Keyword Research

Chose the right keywords through automated
competitive analysis

Optimize Your Content

Content Optimization recommendations that
drive increased traffic & conversion

Check Your Website’s Health

Fix on -site issues and boost SEO-optimization.

Track Local Citations

Locate and claim Locat citations to improve
brand awareness and visibility

Measure & Improve

Report Key Performance Indicators to clients to
improve retention rates

Request a Demo to see how your website stacks up against your competition

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Enfusen for?

Enfusen is designed for healthcare professionals such as hospitals, primary care facilities, urgent care facilities, private practice practitioners, and medical specialists.


What is data is included in Enfusen?

We provide you with data from nine of the top marketing tools. This includes automated keyword research, keyword rankings, traffic and conversion analytics, content optimization tools, site audit tools, and citation tracking tools. We give you all of the same data (and more) that you would get from having subscriptions to all nine of these tools on your own.


How does Enfusen save me money (and time)?

One the primary values of Enfusen data tools is the amount of money and time you’ll save. Users can often cancel 5-10 tools and save on average $831.00 per month once they’ve moved their campaigns into Enfusen.  Enfusen also saves you time. When you integrate all of your data sets into a single platform that breaks down data silo’s for the first time you’ll get a clear picture of every aspect of your campaigns. This insight will give you the edge over your competition.


How does machine learning apply data driven marketing (and why should I care)?

Marketer struggle from one of two major issues; either they don’t have the needed data to make smart decisions, or they have so much data they get lost in it. Enfusen uses machine learning (yea, that wicked smart data science stuff) to self-optimize your campaigns based on competitive analysis. The key to success marketing is always knowing what your competitors are doing, and then doing it better than they do.Enfusen proprietary algorithms are design to help you dominate any niche and to out-market your competition.


How does Enfusen help me to drive more traffic & conversion?

Enfusen uses five primary ‘Data Insight Engines’ ™ to monitor all of your marketing efforts, compare them against your competitions efforts, and then strategically design your next steps to make sure you always win. No other platform is designed to help you out-market your competition in such a simple manner.


How does Enfusen help me manage my staff?

We provide training on each of our tools which you can use to quick train your staff on data driven marketing best practices. We have also integrated a task notification system which allows your team to track all of their work based on each recommendation that Enfusen makes. You’ll never have to use another spreadsheet to keep track of your site audit or citation campaigns again.


Do you offer support or training?

We have full video training tutorials that not only show you how to use the Enfusen platform, but also show you tricks and tactics that make your life easier and your campaigns more successful. We also have a fulltime support desk that is there when you need them.